how to make a website for free

Did you know you can earn ZAB tokens without investing a cent just by acting as an agent?

Receive 5% commission on the total amount you can raise by referring friends and other investors!

1. Register on our website as an investor with your e-mail and ETH wallet address.

2. Go to enter your e-mail and click on “hex encode” button.

For example, I wrote

By pressing the button received the string 656D61696C406D79646F6D61696E2E636F2E7A61. This will be your identifier as a partner of Zabercoin. You will receive your tokens after the successful ICO. You must however raise a minimum of 10 ETH to qualify for this referral commission. It only works for ETH payments and not for BTC payments.

3. Your investors simply insert your hex endoded Partner ID of “656D61696C406D79646F6D61696E2E636F2E7A61”(as in example above) in the “DATA” field when doing transfer/payments as seen in two graphs below.

Click on the “+add data” line as seen below in the 4th field.



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