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Frequently Asked Questions 

We trust that this page is helpful and that it will answer most of your questions. We trust that this page is helpful and that it will answer most of your questions. However, if you are still unable to get an answer to your question please do not hesitate to contact us at for clarification.

  • IS THE BLOCKCHAIN OF ZABERCOIN PUBLIC? - Our blockchain is public and all our codebase is open source.
  • IS ZABERCOIN A FORK OF ANOTHER COIN? -  No, Zabercoin is an Asset Backed ERC20 Ethereum token created over a 5-month period characterized by an intense research and development programme. Inspired by Bitcoin and its successors, we built a blockchain tailored to meet the needs of Zabercoin’s transaction, distribution and consensus requirements
  • HOW WILL NEW VERSIONS FIND CONSENSUS FOR ADOPTION? HOW WILL THE BLOCKCHAIN ADDRESS SOFT AND HARD FORKING? - We will employ automatic checkpointing with the seed nodes to guarantee consensus. Seed nodes are hardcoded IP addresses.
  • WILL THE BLOCKCHAIN SOURCE CODE AS WELL AS THE WALLET SOURCE CODE BE OPEN SOURCES? - All our code base will remain open source and available on our public GitHub and
  • WILL THE BLOCK EXPLORER HAVE AN OPEN APPLICATION PROGRAMMING INTERFACE (API) ? - Yes, indeed. Zabercoin will launch with two different block explorers, both with extensive APIs. An API is a set of functions and procedures that allow the creation of applications which access features or data of an operating system, application or other service.
  • HOW WILL ZABERCOIN ADDRESS PRIVACY? - Currently the management team of Zabercoin is working very hard to explore ways securing the confidentiality of transactions and developing various other privacy technologies. The main objective is to adopt the technology that best addresses privacy without sacrificing security and other critical concerns.
  • WHAT IS THE BLOCK SIZE? WHAT IS THE APPROXIMATE TRANSACTION CONFIRMATION TIME? - The maximum block size is 1MB while the block time is only 1 minute, on average. This means that Zabercoin has effectively 10 times more capacity than Bitcoin.
  • WILL THERE BE MINING IF THE ICO DISTRIBUTES 100% OF THE TOTAL ISSUANCE? - The total coin supply, therefore 100% of the offering is pre-mined and distributed during the ICO. There is a block reward following the genesis block. Zabercoin holders indicating that they wish to reinforce their Zabercoins will be rewarded with the fees produced from the transactions in the present block.
  • HOW DOES ZABERCOIN DIFFERENTIATE ITSELF FROM OTHER CRYPTOCURRENCIES? - Each Zabercoin has an intrinsic value thanks to its unique quality as an asset backed cryptocurrency. The underlying value of each Zabercoin token represents a share in a physical asset such as real estate or a profitable company making this cryptocurrency sustainable with sound recurring income to be re-invested ensuring its future growth, research and development.
  • HOW IS THE PRE-MINE DISTRIBUTED? - The full supply (100%) of Zabercoin is sold during the ICO. All the Zabercoins are distributed at the time when the network goes live and during the time of the creation of the genesis block.
  • HOW MANY ZABERCOINS WILL BE AVAILABLE IN CIRCULATION? - Only ten million (10 000 000) Zabercoins will be available. The full supply (100%) of Zabercoin is sold during the ICO. There will never be more tokens issued. The tokens that are sold at the time of the ICO will always be the only tokens in circulation.
  • HOW DO I PARTICIPATE IN THE PRE-SALE? - The minimum investment amount for the pre-sale is 10 ETH for a 75% bonus allocation. It will be an open pre-sale!
  • WHERE CAN I PURCHASE ETH? - There are many exchanges that sell Ethereum for fiat or cryptocurrency. These include: Coinbase, Luno, Xapo, Poloniex, Kraken, Bitfinex, Gemini, Bittrex and Please send your purchased ETH to a compatible wallet whose private keys you own and control prior to sending to the Token sale.
  • WHICH ERC20 COMPATIBLE WALLETS WOULD YOU RECOMMEND SENDING ETH FROM TO RECEIVE ZAB? - The following wallets are known to be compatible with Ethereum tokens (ERC-20 standard) and may allow you to receive and view your balances: JAXX, MyEtherWallet (no download needed), Mist (Desktop), Parity (Desktop), imToken (iOS), imToken (Android).
  • CAN I TRADE ZABERCOIN? - Yes, indeed. You will be able to trade Zabercoin after the Public ICO and after it has been listed on exchanges. Zabercoin will be available on most exchanges worldwide. Zabercoin management have opened up discussions with several exchanges such as Bittrex, shapeshift and poloniex but have been approved by Global Crypto Exchange which will open 1st of December. See attached brochure. Download
  • WHERE DO I GET A DEBIT CARD TO USE THE MONEY AT ATM'S? - Xapo, Bitpay, Cryptopay, Advcash, Wirex, Shift, etc. all have debit cards for Bitcoin. You can simply exchange your Zabercoins for Bitcoins and use them like ordinary debit cards during the interim phase.
  • HOW DO I ACCESS MY ZABERCOINS AFTER ICO? - Watch this video on how to access ERC20 tokens after ICO(myetherwallet) - Contract address: 0xbfab8188b4a0bdaa4da9bd900d9a6f32d08ad810 (it's not the crowdsale address). Token Symbol - ZAB, decimals – 18
  • WHAT IS THE SECRET BEHIND ARTICLE 13 SEX TAX? - As stated in the Zabercoin Whitepaper the management team demonstrates confidence to invest in emerging markets where earnings growth remains profitable. South Africa is an example of a country where significant tax benefits on residential property can be fully utilised. The South African Revenue Service (SARS) permits a significant tax benefit on residential property under section 13 Sex of the Income Tax Act No. 58 of 1962. This incentive allows the purchasers of residential units to “write-off” a percentage of the cost of buildings, or improvements thereof, acquired or built after 21 October 2008. The following criteria applies:  The taxpayer must own at least five (5) residential units. A residential unit refers to a building or self-contained apartment, mainly used for residential accommodation with the exclusion of structures used for business purposes, for example hotels.  All units must be situated in South Africa. Residential units must be new and unused. For example, buyers of apartments that had previously been occupied would not qualify for this incentive. The units must be used solely for trade (i.e. residential letting). This prevents housing claims for personal use.
  • Residential allowance: A 5% deduction is allowed under the Act for normal residential units. An even greater depreciation of 10% is permitted in the case of low cost accommodation. The Act defines low cost accommodation as a stand-alone unit to the value of up to R300 000 or an apartment to the value of up to R350 000. Furthermore, the owner may not charge a monthly rental rate more than 1% of the aforementioned amounts. Note that the additional 5% claim is a bonus for low-cost units and only applies if the normal 5% deduction is allowed. The allowance is claimable until the full cost of the unit is written off.
  • Cost on which the allowance is based: The “total cost” used for the calculation is the lesser of the actual cost incurred or the market value on the date at which the transaction was concluded. This limitation is in place to prevent taxpayers buying or building a unit at inflated prices from connected parties to obtain a greater tax deduction. Furthermore, there will be no deduction permitted if the taxpayer has previously claimed a deduction under another section of the Act.  Where taxpayers buy the residential unit without erecting or constructing the unit, or “acquire an improvement to a residential unit”, the cost is calculated as follows:  55% of the total cost (acquisition price) where a new unit is acquired, or 30% of the acquisition price where an improvement is acquired. Taxpayers need to remember that should they dispose of the property, any allowance previously made available will be regarded as recovered or recouped upon disposal. Also, any amount received in excess of the cost of the property will be liable to capital gains tax. 

Example :

CJW (Pty) Ltd buys a block of 20 apartments on 1 January 2015. The apartments are not new. It spends R1 million on the improvement of each apartment. After all the improvements have been done the company sells the apartments to individuals for R4 million each, including Value Added Tax (VAT). The selling price of each apartment is made up as follows:

Cost of apartment (excluding improvements): R3 000 000 

Cost of improvements of each apartment (new and unused): R1 000 000 

Mr. H buys five of the apartments and lets them all to tenants for R12 000 each per month. 

Mr H can claim the residential allowance per apartment as follows:

R4 million x 5 units x 30% = R6 000 000 (deemed cost of improvements) 

Section 13 Sex allowance: R6 000 000 x 5% = R300 000 per annum 

If CJW (Pty) Ltd had constructed the units and sold them to Mr H for R4 million each, as new and unused, Mr H’s residential allowance per apartment would be:

R 4 million x 5 units x 55% = R 11 million 

Section 13 Sex allowance: R11 million x 5% = R550 000 per annum 

If Mr H had only let 3 units in the first year he would not be entitled to the allowance. He would only be entitled to claim the allowance in the first year that 5 units were used by him or his trade. The allowance is not apportioned for part of a year.

The tokens can be redeemed for share certificates after 5 years from the date of the ICO. The rationale behind the delay is to ensure adequate time to buy all the physical assets (e.g. residential property) but most of all to ensure that the investment of Zabercoin holders is taking care of in a responsible and professional manner by curbing and controlling administrative/secretarial costs as effectively as possible. The tokens can be freely bought and sold at online exchanges. After the share certificate has been redeemed it can be sold every ten years thereafter by which the seller will carry the administrative/secretarial costs. 

Only 20% of the total number of shares will be retained by management in the registered trading company to ensure their vested interest and to secure on-going product research and development stimulating future growth and to act in the best interest of the Zabercoin holder.  

Apart from the intrinsic value of each Zabercoin, the sustainable income stream from either rental income or company earnings strengthens the likelihood or probability of an upward trend in terms of the Zabercoin price over time, making Zabercoin a good investment for any potential or current user.